Thursday, February 21, 2013

Snowy Hikes With Bernese Puppies

Let me introduce you to the cutest puppies in the world!

These are my babies Molly and Mose (short for Moses).  They are Bernese Mountain Dogs and they LOVE the snow.  We try taking them on as many hikes as we can.

Last week we took them to the waterfall up Battle Creek Canyon in Pleasant Grove.

I think Carl was more fascinated with the waterfall than they were.

I can't believe I've gone my whole life thinking you couldn't go hiking in the snow unless you were snow shoeing.  Probably the only reason we could is because of all the packed down snow shoe trails.  Thanks snow shoers.

We went up American Fork Canyon and found an awesome snow shoe trail that followed the river.

It was snowing just the right amount so we felt like we were in a winter wonder land.

We also went up to Tibble Fork and looked at the pretty melting lake.  I'm beyond excited for spring, but this made me love winter all over again.

I LOVE our Subaru, but I think we're going to need a truck soon.  Our large, wet, furry dogs are getting a little big for the back of the car.


  1. Beautiful pics Rosie! And beautiful puppies too!

  2. i do love winter, these are wonderful! and looks like so much fun was had.