Friday, February 8, 2013


All of this awesome weather made me want to finally post about Kauai.

Brady had the wonderful idea of going to Hawaii for our first anniversary, woo woo!

When I saw this from the airplane, I knew we'd made a good move.

This was the sunrise from the back door of our hotel room.  Heaven.

And this is the awesome beach we walked to from our room. 

Our hotel was in Princeville, and this beach was on the far east corner of Hanalei bay.

Hanalei wins best city in Kauai for me.  

This was the lighthouse, I'm in love with lighthouses.  This place was covered in birds.

This was a tree we found that hung over the ocean, so we pretended to be monkeys.


Apparently the north shore (Hanalei and Princeville) has no waves in the summer because the south shore steals them all, and then it flip flops in the winter.  So we found a little beach on the east side of the island that had perfect waves for us.  We played here almost everyday.

We boogie boarded,

played fetch with strays,

and got super tan.

I had the genius idea to take a boat ride up to the Fern Grotto.

It was really just a bunch of ferns hanging from rocks.  It was fun to see, but I wouldn't recommend paying for this boat ride.  You can take kayaks instead which would be way more fun.  Also, if you do that you can go to a waterfall too.  

We also took a raft tour of the NaPali Coast.  It's a fifteen mile stretch of the island that you can only get to by boat, helicopter or foot.

Needless to say, it was awesome.

We got to go inside of sea caves.

And they took us to a little beach to eat lunch and snorkel. 

Brady thought hes edamame was snow peas.  He choked three of them down whole before asking me if he was supposed to do that.  Apparently its pretty painful, I thought it funny.

I discovered that snorkeling is not one of my talents.  Somehow I ended up choking on salt water at least every minute, and i got a lot of water up my nose. 

Brady however is a pro.

We saw the famous Blow Hole and hung out on the crowded beaches of the south shore.

On our anniversary we hiked part of the NaPali Coast.

This nice Asian man took our picture for us.

The hike was amazing, obviously, look at these pictures. 

The first four miles takes you to a beach that you aren't supposed to swim in.

There were caves with cave monsters.

And more friendly people to take our picture for us.

The next four miles to the waterfall was the craziest hike I've ever been on. 

I dont even know if we were on a trail most of the time.  

There was an enormous bamboo forest!

And lots of green everything.

The whole hike follows this awesome river.

And then comes the tallest waterfall I've ever seen!
And coldest.
And funnest.

This was by far the best thing we did in Kauai!

We got some enormous blisters durring the hike back and had the genius idea of taking our shoes off, running down to the water and putting our feet in.  Only problem with that is sand and salt water don't do well with blisters.  Oops!

I love piers, and there is one on Hanalei Bay.  What more could I ask for?

How about a cute bus hanging out on the beach next to!  HEAVEN!

I see a lot of people drinking coconut water these days, so i though drinking out of a real coconut would be even better.  It was actually the grossest thing i have ever tasted.

One day we found a dead end road with a cute little trail next to it.  I insisted on stopping and following this trail.

Best decision I ever made!

It led us to this secret little beach.

Full of lava rock and tide pools. 

I am also obsessed with tide pools.

And then it poured and poured and poured on us.

I had been waiting for that to happen all week.

This road needs no explanation, it is just plain awesome.

Can we please make our churches look like this?

We went back to the light house on our last day.

And also to the pier.

Well I'm ready to go back now.


  1. Oh Rosie!! This post makes me so Home sick for Kauai! That Napali Coast line hike is seriously the coolest thing ever! I'm so glad you and Brady got to do this! You are guys are so adventurous! LOVE it!

    1. Thanks Steff! It really is the coolest! Hopefully we'll have another Keetch family trip there.....:)

  2. Rosie! I'm looking at this post in 2017 because we are headed to Kauai & I remembered how much fun you had!! So happy you documented this trip!!! Great ideas for our trip! Hope you guys are doing great:)