Monday, March 17, 2014

Hawaii 2014

Prepare yourself, this post is extremely long.  I take way too many pictures.

We started our trip off in Maui where Brady's cousin Rio and her husband Dave are living right now.  We only had one full day there so we had to cram as much Maui as we could into that time, so we did the Road to Hana.  

Our first stop was Black Sand Beach and a fresh water cave

Next was Red Sand Beach then some cliff jumping

Our last stop was Seven Sacred Pools and a hike up to Waimoku Falls

The next day we took off to Kauai

We stayed on the north shore in Princeville right next to Hanalei Bay.  Kauai has gotten non stop rain this winter, so it was beautiful and green, but we only saw the sun for about an hour during our entire stay.  We were expecting rain though so we didn't mind too much.

Our first day was spent at Hanalei Bay and Queens Bath in Princeville

The second day we woke up to to what looked like a hurricane

So we drove to the south side and up Waimea Canyon.

It was a little windy, and the top was covered in a cloud so we couldn't see much, but what we did see was beautiful!

Our next stop was Glass Sand beach in Port Allen.  Apparently this beach was used as a dumping spot about a hundred years ago for old bottles, windshields and cars.  Overtime the ocean has broken it all down into little pieces of sea glass.  It's a little painful to walk on, but amazing to see.

Lastly we stopped at Wailua Falls.  We only stopped here for about two seconds because it was raining so hard.

We spent the rest of our week exploring different beaches on the North Shore,

Walking around Hanalai,

Sitting on the pier as the rain came down,

And of course swimming.

Our last day was nice enough that we were able to hike the Napali Coast, but we had to make our flight in time so we only got to Hanakapiai Beach. 

Thanks for reading!

Thursday, January 30, 2014

New House Kitchen

This kitchen has been worked on little by little since we moved in six months ago.  Honestly I thought we would never finish it, it's a good thing we have Brady's determination and my dad's mad skills.

We also gave this hideous door a little makeover

Here's a little list of everything we've done in here:

1.  All new floors.  We did the same floor throughout the entire first level minus the bathroom.

2.  Painted the walls and ceiling.  We did this throughout the entire house. 

3.  Painted the cabinets and added new hardware.

4.  Put in a new sink and faucet.  When we moved in there was a normal stainless steel sink that was pretty stained and a faucet that leaked and was also stained.  We put in an apron front (farmhouse) copper sink and a faucet that had been left in the house when we moved in.  It looks like it had been used as a display, but all the pieces were there and it worked perfect.  Score!

5.  Put in new countertops.  The countertops before were an off white formica with fake wood accents.  I wanted to do butcher block counters but couldn't find the ones I wanted for a reasonable price so Brady came up with the genius idea for these counters.  We used 2 x 6's and screwed them down on top of the formica countertops and finished them to look like the ones I was wanting for 1/10th of the price.  Score again!