Sunday, December 12, 2010

Merry Christmas!

I LOVE Christmas!
 I love Christmas trees,
 I love Christmas dogs,
 I love snow,
 and I love fire places :)

Friday, November 12, 2010


The weekend before Halloween, I went to St. George on a girls trip with Kathy (Brady's mom)'s family.  It was good fun :) We stayed at Grandma Deann's condo and went to see Thriller on Friday night.  
And went shopping on Saturday, of course.  What else would you do on a girls trip?  I don't have many pictures, but i hope we go again next year!


So I haven't gotten on here for a while because I couldn't figure out how to, but it's all under control now so I'll catch you up.  Brady and I went to Moab on October 15th with my mum, dad, grandpa george, and bubbles (his dog he looooves).

We went mountain biking......

And we went to Dead Horse Point.  I didn't see many dead horses.

Bubbles wanted to see too.

It was a grand weekend, thanks fam!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Canal

Sadly, the city is covering the canal in Lindon and Pleasant Grove
So Brady and I went up there on September 29th to take some last pictures :(
Brady was tired of my pictures
This is my favorite bridge

Nash's Birthday Party

Nash invited us to his first birthday party on September 25, he is so cute!
Of course Callie had everything looking perfect.
He had lots of fun eating his cake!
There were some crazies jumping out of trees with harnesses on so Callie and I decided to join them :)

Alpine Loop

September 15th we drove the alpine loop to see all the leaves changing, it was so pretty!

The CJ5 was a trooper to make it the whole way for us.

Le Bus

So this is my first time trying this blog stuff and i thought what better place to start than with the bus.

Brady bought a 1965 volkswagon bus on August 12th and we have been doing a little work on it.  
It was pretty dirty, so we did some scrubbing to start off with.

After cleaning it out, finding some mats, a seat, a table, and a rack, they got to work on sanding it down.

Brady went to cal ranch and bought some tractor primer to paint the bus with, it was the perfect color and only 12 dollars!

Now it is all done and oh so cute!