Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Photo Shoot with Puppies

Three weeks ago Brady's family friend Shaylee took some awesome pictures of us just for fun.  Here are a few favorites....

Isn't she just awesome??

This was probably the coldest my feet have been since I was cool and skied all the time.  Snow shoes would have come in very handy.

This explains our dogs perfectly.  Molly is a psycho and runs full speed everywhere, and Mose couldn't care less about running.  Or doing anything for that matter.

Brady will kill me for putting up a kissing picture, but I liked it too much.

Can you say Twilight??? I admit I do look a little like her.

So serious.


I can't get over how much Molly looks like Scar from The Lion King!  So creepy.  And Mose looks pretend.

Ok last one I promise.  Sorry not sorry.


  1. If I ever had a magazine that was like, important, you guys would be the models for everything.
    and you're way pretty that Kristen Stewart.

    1. than*
      I'm struggling.
      at least I didn't swear this time.

    2. Haha Whitney you the best. And thanks :)

  2. but in all seriousness... ever since i saw your instagram profile picture i have been waiting to see these! LOVEEEEE

  3. beauty!!! so glad you found me on instagram.

  4. LOVE THESE ! SO CUTE! and dude on that aerial blanket shot you look exactly like bella!

  5. Ha - I turned to Jeff and said, "Rosie looks like Kristen Stewart" before I even got to where you wrote that!

    I think you're prettier than her, though. :)