Wednesday, January 15, 2014

New House Bathroom

After three months of waiting for our floors to arrive and not having a door on the bathroom, they finally came and our bathroom is done!  

This bathroom was by far the worst part of our house when we moved in.  We had it quarantined until my dad could help us rip everything out of it and start from scratch.  Luckily Brady's parents live down the road and have plenty of showers to share with us.  

Once again these are the realtors photos from before we moved in:

This is once we started working on it.

We had lots of awesome helpers!

And now we're done!!!

Kitchen photos will be next.


  1. You guys do amazing things to houses! I love it! You should post about what inspires your ideas. Not to sound pushy haha I'm just a big fan obviously.

    1. Aww thanks! That's a good idea, i'll get on it :) Pinterest is my addiction for sure

  2. i love the simple/inexpensive renovations - gorgeous and a total transformation. love your style. where did you get your bathroom rug/rugs for the stairs?

    1. Thank you! They're both from Target. For the stairs I pieced four or five of their runners together.