Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Lake Tahoe

A few weeks ago Brady and I decided to take a road trip along the California coast.  I have been wanting to do this FOREVER so what better time than now?  We started early early Monday morning for Lake Tahoe.  The Salt Flats were fun to see, but until we got to Reno, the drive was dreadful.  Eight and  half hours of Nevada desert is too much Nevada desert for me.  Donners Pass was an amazing breath of fresh air, and Tahoe.....even better.  We planned on camping in Tahoe, but due to the ridiculously tall trees everywhere, we couldn't see any camping spots.  We did however find the cutest little cabin to rent for the night.  It had a bed, a fridge and a bathroom, what else do you need?  We spent the day at a little beach across from our cabin and had dinner at a pizza place by Kings Beach.  I wish we could have spent more time here.  The town was adorable and the scenery was obviously amazing.  We took off early the next morning for Big Sur, but stopped in San Francisco and took touristy pictures next to the Golden Gate Bridge.  Brady doesn't do well in big cities so we didn't spend long here, but I would love to come back, San Francisco was such a pretty city!


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  1. Awesome photo and write up. It looks like it was a great trip.