Thursday, May 30, 2013

Big Sur

After leaving San Francisco we headed south towards Big Sur.  The drive between Lake Tahoe and Big Sur was SO FUN.  I wanted to spend a week in every city we passed through.  Santa Cruz and Monterey were beautiful.  We stopped at a beach in Monterey and it was surreal.  The beach was surrounded by sand dunes covered in wild flowers, and the waves were so perfect and blue.

Carmel was a dream.  Someone actually lives in this perfect little bay with this perfect little swimming pool in this (not so little) house.  Maybe I'll be that lucky person one day!

 And all of in between cities was just as amazing.  Why can't all long car rides take place next to the ocean?

The reason we planned this whole trip was to go visit Brady's childhood friend Taylor who moved out there a couple of years ago.  We spent the our first day there on the north side.  We had dinner at the Big Sur Bakery Taylor and his girlfriend Camille and saw some things he had been working on.  Taylor wanted to take us on a "little walk" to watch the sun set, so we started out at Pfeiffer Beach.  By the way, the sand at this beach is PURPLE from abalone shells.  Can't beat that.  We started walking along the sand which slowly turned into little rocks which then turned into huge boulders with waves crashing on them.  

With the tide coming in and the sun setting, I was a little bit worried.  We made it to another beach and up the steepest mountain I've ever climbed and found what we were looking for!  THIS...

Some guy had made a nest for humans out of Eucalyptus trees!  It was huge inside too, you could definitely sleep in there.  It had two cute windows looking out over the ocean.  Perfect place to watch the sun set.  This "little walk" that was supposed to take 30 minutes was a little closer to 3 hours.  The hike back was in complete darkness tromping down the mountain through groves of Eucalyptus trees.  But we made it out alive!  The next day we went to see Pfeiffer Falls which was even better in person than any photo I've seen of it.  We also hiked up to Limekiln Falls.  It is so strange to be next to the ocean with sand and deserty plants all around you, then to turn a corner and you're surrounded by Redwood's with clovers and ferns covering the ground.  Big Sur is amazing.  

Next we went to Sand Dollar Beach and relaxed before going to dinner at Treebones, the resort Camille's parents own.  We had sushi and warmed up by the fireplace.  I don't think we could have possibly fit one more thing into that day.  We awoke early the next morning and headed south for Crystal Cove.



  1. Incredible travel log. It must have been a wonderful time.

  2. Enjoy seeing the pictures. Pretty people in pretty places.

  3. Gorgeous photos! Looks like. Great trip!