Thursday, April 11, 2013

Before and After Part 1

I've been looking high and low for the photos I had taken of our house before we moved in and guess what....I found them!

We bought our house in July of 2011 and moved in that September.  An old lady with lots of cats lived here before us so we had some work to do.

This is our Family Room/Front Room/Living Room.  When we moved in everything was painted white.  White walls, white doors, white hinges, white curtains, white everything!  Needless to say we wanted to add some color.  Now that white is the cool thing to do I'm wishing we hadn't painted everything, but I still love it.

We were oh so lucky to find these amazing hard wood floors under all the stinky carpet.  This is what sold me on the house.  The floor in this room was completely redone and beautiful.

This is our bedroom.  Sorry for the awkward before photos.

The bedroom floors were half way painted white so we just added a little extra white paint to finish them off.  

I've grown so attached to our little home, I'll be sad to leave it one day.


  1. What a darling home--and the remodeling you've done is awesome--well done! I really enjoyed looking through the pictures.

  2. You did a WONDERFUL job with it! I love it. Love the distressed wardrobe.

    Ali of